Downcutting Streams, as every known stream, started just from a single drop.

The idea was born a long time ago, but it was buried deep so it could mature and break through.

The plan was put into motion three years ago in one of the shining Polish cities, when the first song was written and pre-recorded.

At this point, the flow started, and three more songs were created – not yet shaped.

With some sudden twist of fate, the scenery changed, glowing with the ideas and the other half of my debut material was created in Hungary, where I live.

Therefore, some parts of the puzzles were still missing. The rescue team showed up as a blessing – amazing rhythm stream team. A bass player and a drummer who gave me inspirations, valuable lessons and allowed me to shape in the music a formless rhythm shadows which were chasing me.

With full songs and lyrics, I could finally record my songs, instrument by instrument, and here we have a fully flowing stream. Its purpose is to get to your emotions and hollow out a certain corridor. I hope it will remain there forever, as all I created meant to be based on simple motives folded together in harmony. With words whose foundations lie in moral everyday dilemmas, disguised in metaphors, delicate melodies hit gently with piano strings, colored by flute, spiced by guitar and bass and deepened by concert toms.

To turn your drops into the stream, the stream into the river and the river into the sea.